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Everything You Should Know About Past Life Regression

Have you explored your past lives?

Past Life Regression is an ideal place to start. This article will focus on the unique and powerful therapy.

What Is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a therapeutic technique that uses hypnosis to recover an individual’s past lives—their previous incarnations in the universe.

Sessions are meditative and largely rooted in breath work. A typical session will involve the client relaxing as I guide them using breathwork and relaxation methods. The overarching goal is to explore your past lives, searching for valuable information that can improve your well-being today.

How does it work? Experts believe that the body can experience emotionally-driven blocks that transcend our current lifetime. Breathing and other sensory work can help us connect to what is happening around us, leveraging the past to better understand the present.

Past Life Regression and the Akashic Records

Previously, we discussed the Akashic records[Office1] : a comprehensive library with information on our past lives, thoughts, and experiences.

Accessing the Akashic records will shed light on the energetic patterns you are currently facing, bringing you closer to the tools you need to overcome them. In simple terms, the therapeutic practice will illuminate challenges in your life and highlight potential solutions.

By accessing your past lives, you will gain new understanding and perspective—not only of your personal experience, but of the world around you. Again, this is where Past Life Regression comes in. The Akashic records lay the foundation for this transformative practice.

Learn More About Past Life Regression

Are you interesting in exploring your past lives?

Please contact me for more information on Past Life Regression. This unique and compelling therapy is available in my Akashic Records Certification Program and during one on one sessions. Together, we can create a custom plan, explore your energetic frequency, and learn everything there is to know about past lives.

[Office1]Hyperlink to your post on the Akashic records. 

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