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The Healing Power of Sound

Are you familiar with sound healing?

The therapeutic technique can be deeply restorative.

What Is Sound Healing?

Also known as sound baths or sound therapy, sound healing is the process of using sound to build intention in the body. Sounds may be live or prerecorded—ranging from white noise and ambient music, to crystal bowls, tuning forks, the voice, and so much more.

The instrument, tone, and frequency of the sounds used during sessions will vary depending on the client’s goals. Those who wish to calm the nervous system, for instance, will benefit from sounds with deep, slow melodies and lower frequencies. Conversely, louder, upbeat sounds may be used to build energy and elevate focus.

Ultimately, this therapeutic process is designed to be immensely soothing. It’s also worth noting that while sound is uncomfortable for some, this is usually because it has not been adjusted for the client’s unique frequency.

The right vibrations—think specific key notes and Hertz readings—will nourish every cell in the body.

The Benefits of Sound Healing

From relaxation to clearing energetic blockages, the benefits of sound therapy are expansive.

By naturally moving energy, the process fosters creativity and awareness. It can help clients elevate their singing, dancing, or other forms of movement.

In addition to improving motion and self-expression, many believe sound therapy can bring relief to health conditions such as:

· Anxiety

· Depression

· Stress


· Pain

· Sleep issues

Like with many alternative healing practices, every client’s experience is different during a sound therapy session. Most people will find, however, that they feel very relaxed. Some may even experience a creative or emotional breakthrough that will almost certainly leave them coming back for more.

Start Your Sound Healing Journey Today

Are you interested in exploring the unique power of sound healing?

Please contact me for more information, or for a complimentary consultation.

Together, we can work to calm your mind and restore your body—creating a highly-relaxed state in the process.

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