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Lemon Balm heath benefits (Melissa offinalis)


Nervous System Support

*reduces stress

*can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, such as nervousness and excitability.

*can help decrease cortisol levels


Sleep Support 

*Can help ease insomnia (take prior to bed)


Digestive support

*can ease stomach pain due to gas and bloating

*can help with the feelings of nausea


Taste- citrusy taste with hint of lemon and mint


For general use, take 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 mL) twice a day. 
You may be able to minimize side effects, such as stomach upset, by ingesting lemon balm alongside food. You can also reduce your risk for side effects by consuming fewer than 2 grams of lemon balm per day.Do not take in excess. Please consult with a doctor before using, especially if you are on any medications. Can be placed under your tongue or added into a beverage.




Lemon Balm should be discussed with your doctor if your are using any of the following medications:

  • glaucoma medications
  • thyroid medications
  • barbiturates
  • sedatives
  • drugs that affect serotonin

You should also talk to your doctor about consuming lemon balm if you are pregnant,breastfeeding, under the age of 12 or preparing for surgery.


**** Disclaimer ****

I do not diagnose, prescribe, recommend or treat.

If a person is considering trying lemon balm for medicinal purposes, they should speak to their healthcare provider beforehand to ensure that it is safe for them to do so.

There is currently not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate dosage for lemon balm and people should keep this in mind if they are thinking of using it.




Lemon Balm Tincture

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